The Boracay I Know

I’ve been seeing a lot about Boracay lately, maybe because summer is just around the corner, but the posts shared are quite sad and a bit disturbing. From the Edge of disaster, nice beach but overcrowded to the overwhelming presence of algae, meaning water pllution is way above normal. I’m no environment expert, I’m just a concerned Filipino waiting to go back and feel the white powder like sand, the fun activities, the island hopping, the food and party life, the warm sun, the awesome people, comfortable places to stay and the relaxing beach life! I’m not here to lecture you about the current situation may it be true or not, but I’m here to tell you about my experience with our dear Boracay!

My flight alone to Kalibo was already an awesome experience as I get to seat alone in the plane, this means I have the freedom to change seats whenever I want to and yes WINDOW SEAT it is! Arriving at Kalibo Airport, I see a lot of Van rentals just outside which goes to Caticlan port which is a 2 hour commute, oh gets excited even more. I sat infront to have a view of the road and the scenary the commute have to offer and was fortunate enough to have a driver who talks about the places and its history.

Once in Caticlan Port, before riding the boat to Boracay, just stop for a moment and look at the waters and see how clear it is, smell the breeze of both sunshine and the sea, how relaxing it is, that was how thankful I am with excitement. Honestly, everytime I travel alone, whenever riding a boat I’m a bit nervous knowing that I can’t swim and I quickly panic so there is less than 50% survival rate for me. So, I make sure that my life jacket is secure and I say a little prayer and focus on what Boracay can offer. By the way, this was my first time too (insert super excited kid reaction).

Now in Boracay, I took a tricycle to my hotel, so far, because my trip was a weekday and its early April, it was less
crowded than the view I often see during “LaBoracay”. The ride was just less than 10mins and I’m at Boracay Holiday Resort hotel already! A welcome drink and flowers greeted me. The staff quickly checked my reservation and assisted my to my room and with about 4hrs of travel time, I needed to nap before stepping into the powder sands and watch the sunset, finally I’m here Bora!

Oh that white, powdery sand, that fresh breeze, the sun, the waves and blue waters. Yes, there are green stuffs already when I came but that didn’t stop me and my amazement of the place. Maybe its because of the good vibes Ions, maybe i had a good nap, maybe I was just hungry but I was really in a good mood that time…oh almost forgot, I was hungry. I wasn’t really sure where to eat but I wanna get some Karaage Chicken, this was my quest back in Manila, to find the best Karaage chicken, close enough to what I had when I was in Sydney. And so I found Hama, it actually had a high review so I opted to eat there and I wasn’t disappointed. Not yet the best Karaage but it was good and serving was plenty, just right for the price. After a good meal, I spent the rest of the day hanging out in our Hotel’s pool side drinking an ice cold beer and after a while requested for a massage from the Resort’s in-house SPA, what a good sleep I had that night.

The second day, I jumped out of bed to grab the early buffet. A good coffee for me and some Filipino breakfast and then some fresh fruits to give me a fresh feeling was so satisfying especially doing it beside the pool. I actually needed to get stuffed because I plan to explore Station 3 to Station 1 which is about 1.5km which normally would take 30mins by foot but with different stores, places to hang out, things to buy, activities, people having fun, it took me almost 2 hours before reaching Station 1. I was hungry by then good thing I took note of Restaurants along the way and their location ‘coz Boracay is quite a big place for a solo traveler. Again, the food “INIHAW” was really good. My second day was all about getting drunk which I planned out already, but because I’m alone, I decided to get drunk in my hotel, near the pool as my home-court advantage. Anyway, beer price is the same if I buy it outside so I just ordered at the hotel, got drunk and slept soundly that night and hoping I won’t get any hangover the next day.

What other activities did I do in Boracay you’re asking? Well, when my friends arrived that’s when we had a 3 day activity spree. Here are some of the activities available for like us tourists.

1. Parasailing – it ain’t off-peak when we did it but we still got a good price of about P1,500 for 15 mins which includes pickup and dropoff, equipment, lifejacket, a banana boat ride and the boat transfer.

2. ATV – normally around P1,200 but because we’re a group we had a lower pricing of about P1,000 with the inclusion of 1 hour ride up the mountain trail, Orb ball roll drop in a resort, ATV trail, pickup and dropoff and our tour guide.

3. Visiting Puka beach – the soft shell beach (literally its all shells) has its own cave which you can enter and take
pictures in. Its a small cave but the memories do count plus the beach and waves was a bit strong that day so we we’rent able to swim that much but overall, its a nice visit.

4. Unli Buffet and Unli Drinks – a good evening fire dance show while eating to your heart’s content was one of our goals that night. So we visited Crown Regency at Stations 3 to get that unlimited buffet we wanted. After the show, we got lucky and got an unlimited drink (any type) in a bar at the beach front (forgot the name but I think its Aplaya). We ordered and drank as fast as we can and got some shisha. Oh we really had fun that night.

Overall, Boracay was a fun and active place with a beautiful view for me. Haven’t been back yet and although the news, posts, blogs are showing that its getting worse and beyond rescue, it still will hold a place in my heart and mind.