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Best Places to Visit in Italy

The European country attracts millions of tourists every year. The pristine architecture and pebble beaches offer a chance to experience the bustle of the city and the serenity of the countryside. Here are some of the best places to visit in Italy.


This is the same island destination that was featured in the hit Enrique song, Rhythm Divine. The island sits in the Tyrrhenian Sea to the south of the Gulf of Naples. The rocky region and steep slopes encourage the tourists to take a stroll. However, it comes with the risks of toppling rocks. You may imbibe the vibes of this arcadia from the Augustus Gardens.

Best Places to Visit in Italy

San Cassiano

Situated in the province of South Tyrol, the place boasts of two Michelin Star hotels. The village is filled with scenic beauty and looks almost like Narnia in the winter. The alpine forests and buildings with castle-like turrets give a sundry feel. Rich with Ladin culture, the rustic village beauty can be enjoyed by staying at Rosa Alpina.


The city is more famous because of its capital, Florence. It is home to some of the rarest paintings, art, and chapels from the 14th century. People flock to see Michelangelo’s David, Botticelli’s in the Uffizi Gallery and Basilica. The place houses some of the rarest and sacred motifs of the catholic church. Dante, one of the influential poets in history, was born here. He is known for writing Inferno, on which Dan Brown wrote a novel. If you are in Florence, do visit Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore once and continue uphill. You will find Piazzale di Michelangelo and then Basilica San Miniato.

Sicily, Isola Bella

The isolated island, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Ionian Sea’, is one of the Borromean Islands.  It’s no wonder to call it that because the island is far away from the city, and it is connected with the mainland through a narrow strip of land. The small island offers a quiet but adventurous trip. You may either relax on the pebbled beach, take a stroll in Baroque gardens, or look out for hidden sea caves like a pirate.

Best Places to Visit in Italy


Milan houses the largest cathedral in the world. Milan is the capital city of Lombard in the northern part of the country. It attracts most of the tourists after Rome as its museums boast of housing pieces of art by revolutionary Renaissance painter Leonardo Da Vinci. You may also visit Brera, which is famous for Piazza Del Carmine l fresco spots.


Liguria looks like a crescent shape moon of the northwest region of Italy. The coastline of Italy touches the Mediterranean, which is known as the Italian Riviera. Camogli is a riviera that receives less footfall, but the place is iconic. You will find pastel colour houses and trattorias serving exquisite food.

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