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Top 10 Romantic Destinations in World to Travel 2022

You may have experienced the thrill of paragliding and rafting with friends, but there is something special about enjoying some memorable time with your better half. You have someone by your side to take care of you, rest your head on their shoulder, and finally use the ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Let us walk you through some of the best romantic destinations in the world for 2022.

Top 10 Romantic Destinations in World to Travel

Paris, France

This is officially the love capital of the world. The City of Lights is a perfect destination for couples to enjoy each other’s company at a coffee shop against the backdrop of the iconic Eiffel Tower. You can also visit the recently revitalized Notre Dame. The place is literally the fashion capital of the world. So, it is good for choosing the right gift, whether it is clothes or perfume.

Venice, Italy

The small European destination is the favorite of all romantic couples. The capital of the Veneto region offers a lot of new experiences even for an avid traveler because of its unique background and culture. It is a must to bask in the glory of architectural marvels, both old and new, with your better half floating through the Venetian streets in a gondola.  Do not forget to visit the Rialto Bridge, St. Marks Square, and Campanile Bell Tower.

Top 10 Romantic Destinations in World to Travel


The erstwhile Athenian country is filled with natural marvels for a couple to enjoy. If you ever go to Greece, it becomes imperative for you to visit Santorini. The place is remote, and you might spend a lot of time in transportation while reaching there, but it is worth the wait. Santorini is famous for its blue-domed houses that are whitewashed, a peculiar feature of the place. The theme matches the Azure green Aegean Sea overlooking the city. At the right time, you may also catch the beautiful hues of the sunset from the town of Oia.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is the largest island of the Andaman sea located in Krabi, in the South of Thailand.   It has of country’s most popular beaches, and magnificent villas overlooking clear waters.   The island is also homes to many luxury resorts, spas, and restaurants making it a perfect destination for a romantic getaway or honeymoon.    For the most luxurious holiday in Thailand contact Vip Luxury Services and make your dreams come true.


No wonder the holiday destination is rated as the most beautiful holiday destination in the world. The tropical island has white sand beaches and sparkling blue water of the ocean, beckoning couples to dive in. you can have real fun here. It is a haven for couples who love snorkeling. Underwater diving can take you to the land of Aerial and reefs. Feel like a mermaid in the sea! The 26 islands interwoven together offer different places to stay, and some of them are best for couples. You can visit Male if you are interested in exploring the local culture.

Top 10 Romantic Destinations in World to Travel


It is a group of 155 islands making an archipelago. The island is 1800 km away from the African coastline. The clear and sparkling water of the Indian ocean mesmerizes every tourist, and most of them end up exploring the water life.


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